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‘Ray Dalio on the Decline of Real Rates.’

Copy of LinkedIN post, 2020

‘Ray Dalio on the Decline of Real Rates.’

This is a Bloomberg podcast.

The question to me from a LinkedIn connection. Does RRM fit within the Bridgewater All Weather Fund?

I do not know the philosophy, process, disciplines and rules of the fund.

So I have a number of unknowns and questions.

Does it search for the optimal efficient frontier for the weightings of the various asset classes within the fund? Does it weight inflation and growth, when each is expected to rise or fall?

Does the asset allocation and balancing/rebalancing attempt to capture free alpha by shifting the portfolio upwards and to the left?

Does it build with a foundational component that delivers a stable, known and fixed real rate of return during increasing and decreasing growth and inflationary cycles? And during what Mr. Dalio describes as Phases 1, 2, and 3?

In short, it is presumption for an answer other than, Sure would enjoy the challenge and proving that RRM would enhance the performance of the ALL WEATHER Fund while lowering the risks, variability and volatility.


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