What is RRM and what does it deliver?

Inflation-Immunized Currency Futures

INFLATION-IMMUNIZED CURRENCY FUTURES Real Return Methodologies Inflation-immunized currency futures are, we believe, an ideal initial product in the area of real derivatives, including real futures, real options, and real swaps. The contracts can be used to launch a new exchange for real futures and real options. A natural outgrowth of the market for real futures and options will be an automated market for real securities – specifically the (patent protected) Real Return Methodologies (RRM) securities developed by Task Management, Inc. The inflation-immunized currency futures will specify a real, inflation-adjusted, amount of one currency to be delivered at a future date in return for a real


Real Return Methodologies System (RRM) & Derivatives (Futures, Options, Swaps) As market acceptance of real return securities, that is, securities that adjust for inflation, grows there will be a need for derivative contracts to facilitate risk transference. Issuers of inflation-indexed securities who do not have a natural hedge in their businesses[1] will wish to transfer risk into derivative contracts. Traditional derivatives include exchange-traded futures contracts, exchange-traded option contracts, and forwards and options that are not traded on an exchange. The advantage of trading on an exchange is that it supports a liquid secondary market. Forward contracts and non-exchange optio


We now have a number of spreadsheets available for your use. No hidden calculations. No need for NDA's. Each spreadsheet starts with a tutorial on how to use it. You may stress test inflation as you see fit. Use the inflation measure you find most appropriate for you. Yes, we listed CPI. For it is the most common is contract, leasing, employment and retirement benefits. But if CPE or LIBOR is key to your work, the spreadsheets will accept them. Back test. See what would have been the outcome if you raised funds for your project in this manner 30 years ago. Forward test to your projected pattern of inflation. While doing so, think of how the Statement of Cash Flow, the Income Stat

An Application Technology

Real Return Methodology (RRM) A Financial Engineering Solution for the Capital Formation Markets There are few times in the market when an opportunity for a new application technology can be incorporated into the practice of capital formation. One that offers benefits to all parties in an industry is more rare. RRM is one such application technology. It is applicable for all financial structures and transactions. The developers of this method began with the premise that finance should be simple, transparent, and flexible. It must produce output that is lower in variability and volatility and eliminate the weakness in current forms of nominal and inflation adjusted methods of capital format

What are the Benefits?

RRM Better Financial Engineering for Borrowers and Lenders This introduction brings forth a cutting edge concept that is aligned with our efforts to remain a reformer and a revolutionary for the capital formation markets; coupled to the philosophy of service to our clients. This concept delivers on the strategy for simpler, superior intellectual investment technology. The method this concept utilizes, produces output that is consistent and far more predictable than other forms of nominal and inflation adjusted methods of capital formation. RRM is a fully-patented business method that starts in real (inflation adjusted) terms and calculates out the equivalent nominal terms for use in regulat

Why start in a fixed, constant real rate?

Why do we use a fixed, constant real rate? When others (outside of a tax advantaged account) make the real rate a variable. In contrast to others, we start with real, purchasing power rate and then convert to nominal. Others start with nominal and then try to convert to real. Those investors who buy nominal interest rate instruments know the nominal rate of return they will receive. But, they cannot know the real rate of return they will receive because it is a variable to them. That is because they cannot predict the rate of change in the consumer price index (CPI-U) which is the usual measure of erosion of purchasing power. Because of this, the realized real rate of return, rn = ((1 + i

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Real Return Methodologies

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