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Since 1984 TMI, Inc. has been providing a state of the art trading system servicing the global marketplace. Six exchanges in Four countries have utilized the TMI products. Exchanges in Nine countries employed TMI as a consultant to existing and proposed exchanges.



Real Return Methodologies (RRM) provides the most precise, most cost effective method for the management of inflationary and  purchasing power risks in any marketable currency.  RRM delivers a KNOWN/STABLE purchasing power.  It increases the efficiencies and effectiveness of forward looking assessments and supervisory plans.  Event risk volatility has robust guardrails at no additional cost.  The efficient frontier of a portfolio utilizing RRM products receives the 'free-alpha' generated.  With RRM the lower common ground to all financial transactions can be found. 

Twelve US patents are the backbone of RRM.

Services are in Four (4) categories.

1) Constant/Known/Stable Purchasing Power financing and inflation immunized derivatives;

2) Investment companies;

3) Electronic markets; and,

4) Usury-free, shared risk financing [Shari'a and Social Impact financing]               


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