What is RRM and what does it deliver?

(It is the Structure: Not the Index Chosen)Global Access to Capital and Deliver a Stable/Known Purch

Global Access to Capital and Deliver a Stable/Known Purchasing Power (It is the Structure: Not the Index Chosen) Regarding the recently released work, Sovereign GDP-Linked Bonds: Rationale and Design by Robert Shiller , Jonathan D. Ostry and James Benford, we considered the challenges such designs must necessarily address. We concluded that there may be more precise and economical solutions. Problem: Imprecision and Inefficiency of GDP-Linked Investment Practices (or of any index chosen) Opportunity: Create effective inflation management tools that assure real inflation adjusted returns and benefits for all stakeholders. We propose the following: - START with REAL desired return, -selec

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Real Return Methodologies

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