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Did you notice this too?

Copy of LinkedIN post, 2021

Did you notice this too?

It is the Inflation Adjusted/Real Rate that is the foundational point in financial decisions.

For the past few weeks; many, many articles and interviews discussed and commented on what the inflation adjusted return is, was and what it might be going forward.

It did not matter what asset class was being discussed.

It did not matter the characteristics of the portfolio or asset class.

So many experts want you to be aware of what the real rate of return was, is and what it might be going forward.

They want you to be fully cognizant of what is happening to your purchasing power and lifestyle.

Has the pain point been reached?

Will the fixed income market and its derivatives finally find a cost effective means to pay/receive a fixed/known/stable real rate of return.

Let’s find it and capture the free alpha this product will deliver.


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